Why heartcor?

Heartcor GmbH is a medium sized trading company under direct owner management, located in Hamburg.
Our core activity is to be the customized trader in the german health care market place, opening this market
to innovative capital or disposable products. Our focus and specialty is the cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery.

We want to be the long term partner of our clients and manufacturers with individual treatment and consultancy,
aiming to steadily improve the results and procedures of our clients.

Team hearcor wants to work with patients, nursing staff, administrators and doctors to cover all aspects.
The cooperation shall be embossed by trust, respect, reliability and quality.

Please check our homepage to learn more about heartcor and our products, we are waiting for you.

Our Products

Ultravision CT minimalinvasiver Retraktor

TeDan Surgical’s Ultra Vision Retractor Body is a top loading retractor frame for use in thoracic surgery. TSI’s patented pivoting mechanism allows the retractor arms to pivot up to 30 degree once inside the wound site to increase visualization without increasing the size of the incision.


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is a first in class Endothelial Damage Inhibitor (EDI) intended
for the flushing, storage and preservation of vascular conduits. 


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NEOVEIL is an absorbable reinforcement material that is applied to regions which do not
take a long time to heal, and its advantages have been confirmed in many clinical uses.


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The Snake

Adjustable suture organizer for heart valve procedures: Flexible – with a strong fixation glue.


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Rushwood’s Gloup

Sie möchten Ihre Medikamente reibungslos und ohne Mühe schlucken – ohne die Tablette zu zerstoßen oder die Kapsel zu öffnen?


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SafeCrush - die Pillen-Zerkleinerungs-Lösung


Der speziell für den professionellen Gebrauch entwickelte Zerkleinerer für Pillen schützt Pflegepersonal und Patienten.


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